I12 – Basics of Project Management by Means of MS Project


Acquiring knowledge in handling the MS Project program,

preparing schedule of tasks, planning budgets and costs, and efficient usage of

material and human supplies in projects.


1.   Introduction

Definition of the project:

  • Key rules of creating projects
  • Triangle model

2.   Usage

  • Application installation
  • MS Project characteristic
  • Help
  • Saving, searching, opening the project
  • Basic views

3.   Schedule

  • Rules of creating schedules
  • Types of schedules
  • Project calendars
  • Introducing tasks to schedules
  • Editing tasks in schedules
  • Duration of tasks
  • Continuous time of tasks
  • Estimated time in tasks
  • Project and task priority
  • Interdependence of tasks
  • Overtaking and delay
  • Milestones
  • Visualization of tasks in different views

4.   Optimization of schedule

  • Restrictions in tasks
  • Deadline
  • Crucial tasks
  • Crucial path
  • Time supply in a project
  • Reduction of crucial path
  • Adjusting the views

5.   Supplies

  • Definition of supplies
  • Variable costs of supplies
  • Costs of disposable execution
  • Tables of rates
  • Availability of supplies
  • Work – definition
  • Constant in a work equation
  • Work expenditures
  • Allocation of supplies
  • Supply overload
  • Supply balancing

6.   Costs

  • Fixed costs
  • Cost control
  • Project, task, supply, and work costs

7.   Realization of a project

  • Methods of realizing a project
  • Base plan
  • Analysis of the state
  • Analysis of deflection
  • Changes in a project

8.   Reports

Reports in MS Project

Creating user reports

9.   Data retrieval

Data sorting



The course is addressed to project managers, engineers and

people responsible for project realization schedule, control of realization of

particular stages of projects, and planning supplies and budgets.

Methods of the course performing

Multimedia lecture, classes, labs

Participants of our courses receive

  • organized course and trainer
  • tests that check the level of participants’ knowledge and skills in order to select a group of people on similar level (on customer’s wish)
  • didactic materials, including script suitable to specified level
  • individual computer post for each of the course participants
  • catering during brakes (coffee, tea, biscuits)
  • lunch (vegetarian or traditional meals – smorgasbord)
  • a CD with a set of exercises after the course completion
  • certificate of the course completion
  • free consultancies with a lecturer up to 14 days after the course completion
  • tests that check the level of participants’ knowledge and skills after the training completion (on customer’s wish)


Certified Trainer

Opinions and references

On June 17-18th 2011 Centrum Innowacji

ProLearning conducted a training in the abode of our firm in Świdnica, “Basics

of Project Management by Means of MS Project,” which fulfilled our

expectations unreservedly.

The cooperation between our firms proceeded

efficiently and it was marked with a very good technical organization. CI

ProLearning provided a professional trainer and educational materials,

thanks to which the course was fruitful and on a high level.

We are certain that courses offered by CI

ProLearning will meet the expectations of many firms that invest in the

development of their employees.


On September 3-4th 2010, the ProLearning

firm conducted the course for the employees of our firm,  “Basics of Project Management by Means of

MS Project,” which fulfilled our expectations unreservedly.

People who participated in the course rate the

provided material as properly organized and useful in everyday professional

work. Essential preparation of the trainer was on a high level and the examples

of different experiences that he provided, additionally revived the course,

making it even more interesting.

When contacting the ProLearning firm, one can

always receive kind customer service, individualisation of a project,

adjustment to the needs of a firm, and competent realization of intentions.

We recommend CI ProLearning as a professional

organizer and executor of educational projects.

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"Between 3-4.08.2013 we participated in the course MS Excel – advanced level, which was performed by CI ProLearning. The trainer selected deserves our special recognition. He led the course in professional way, taking care of great atmosphere…"

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"”PRKIK recommends Centrum Innowacji ProLearning as a professional business partner. The training centre organized IT courses in which our employees participated. The course MS 6425-…"

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