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During our trainings we take under consideration specificity of adult learning. We help them gaining new competences by enabling to exchange experiences between participants, using training methods that integrate and stimulate the course group, contrasting theory with their professional practice, showing practical solutions of knowledge and skills gained. By creating the atmosphere of acceptance and kindness, we make learning not only effective but easy. We take care about the feeling of cooperation in the training process and participants’ motivation. This has a positive effect on transforming the knowledge gained into positive change in participants’ attitude.

To determine training profits, we carry out the measure of training effectiveness and analyze it in four dimensions: reaction, learning, behavior, scores. First level – reaction is the research of participants’ satisfaction and opinions directly during and after the course. Testing the level of learning checks the level of participants’ knowledge after the course. Testing the level of behavior (positive change of participants’ attitude in everyday life) requires observations carried out in the workplace. For an effective training on this level additional conditions must be met. First and second during the training, the rest in participants’ job:

  • Participant wants to change oneself.
  • Participant must know the way and goal of own work.
  • Participant must work in friendly atmosphere.
  • Participant should be rewarded for each positive change.

On the level of evaluation, after previous research and analysis, we present the measurable effects that arise for the customer company. According to the type of a training, we select suitable evaluation method. During a course we take under consideration following methods:

  • exercise analysis,
  • behavior analysis,
  • practical tests and demonstrations,
  • summaries,

in the end of a course:

·         evaluation tests (they check the level of knowledge),
·         discussions,
·         demonstrations,
·         exercises observations,

after course completion:

·         manager observations and evaluation,
·         instructor observations and evaluation,
·         surveys filled in by participants and managers,
·         conversations led by managers and instructor,
·         extreme events analysis,
·         comparative tables.

Customer reviews

"Between 3-4.08.2013 we participated in the course MS Excel – advanced level, which was performed by CI ProLearning. The trainer selected deserves our special recognition. He led the course in professional way, taking care of great atmosphere…"

C.H. Robinson


"”PRKIK recommends Centrum Innowacji ProLearning as a professional business partner. The training centre organized IT courses in which our employees participated. The course MS 6425-…"

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