Methodology that we use during our courses is compatible with global requirements. Workshop method of performing our courses connect theoretical part with practical workshops. Content of performed courses is completely adjusted to participants’ needs.

According to expectations, we leave our customer the choice between standard training, which was drew up according to the CI ProLearning methodology, and a profiled course with a dedicated program. We assure professional, complete training process with all important factors taken under consideration (needs & goals assessment, establishing the subject of a course, participants, location & instructors selection, preparing training materials, course coordination, course evaluation). Our offer also includes professional advisory services.

We carry out research and analysis of individual training needs of participants and company. We gather information needed by a solid cooperation between customer company’s HR / training department, other managers and the course instructor. We determine participants’ knowledge and attitude, training goal and program, desired methodology. By a suitable method of collecting information (documentation analysis, observation, FGI, conversations – interviews, brainstorming, surveys) we can select the most suitable methods to perform the training that satisfy both participants and customer company’s managers in order to improve effectiveness of the organization.

We provide highly-qualified instructors with knowledge, skills and predispositions suitable to the performed training project. We guarantee high efficiency of our courses thanks to a wide range of training methods, chosen according to participants’ needs and the training goal.

Customer reviews

"Between 3-4.08.2013 we participated in the course MS Excel – advanced level, which was performed by CI ProLearning. The trainer selected deserves our special recognition. He led the course in professional way, taking care of great atmosphere…"

C.H. Robinson


"”PRKIK recommends Centrum Innowacji ProLearning as a professional business partner. The training centre organized IT courses in which our employees participated. The course MS 6425-…"

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